We start the countdown and ...

It is difficult to include the history of mankind in an hour-long story, so how do you tell about the cosmos with one day?

It is a challenge that we set as the goal of our mission - to tell in a simple and interesting way about the universe around us.

We start the countdown and ... Let's go!
We start the countdown and ...
We start the countdown and ...

Entrace zone

Our cosmic adventure begins with choosing the mission we want to participate in. We have the option of becoming a spacecraft pilot or supporting the flight from the navigator's position. For many, the best option will be to play the role of a scientific staff tasked with conducting experiments.

Each participant will be equipped with a special watch that will allow you to track the progress of the mission and save the points and skills gained.

The watch also shows the time left to complete the task and return to earth


Preparation for the mission

At the beginning our guests will have to choose the scenario of their visit from among prepared proposals. After making the selection and crossing the first sluice we will see the interior of the base, where preparations for flight into space are underway.

Everyone, regardless of the path chosen, will have to be familiar with the theory and basic information. As the first attraction we will visit the 360 ​​panoramic cinema. It is a must have educational attraction for everyone. Topics solar system and place in it the earth. The show takes place standing, and lasts about 5 minutes with a 30 second admission.

Everyone who enter and watch the show will receive the first points that will be counted on the watch.


Theory and Fun

Before starting any further tasks, you should be familiar with their assumptions and guidelines. The goals to be achieved for each career path will be presented on special interactive monitors. It is education combined with fun.

Division of functions for the first time will matter. Pilots, navigators and scientists will be given their individual tasks to prepare. Of course, you will be able to earn more points for the work done. After collecting theoretical knowledge, the time will come for physical challenges!


Overload Simulator

For pilots and navigators, the simulator is a must for preparation. Cadets must prove themselves in conditions in which the human body is subjected to overloads. It is a test combined with a large dose of adrenaline and fun.

Three programs will be prepared: for beginners, advanced and expert program.

In anticipation of the attractions, you will be able to learn about the theoretical knowledge about the phenomenon of overload and reactions to this phenomenon of the human body. The attraction lasts 2 minutes


Space shuttle simulator

One of the biggest attractions will be the rocket launch simulator. After completing the preparations for the flight, everyone will be able to take a seat in the cockpit of the rocket and prepare for take off.

The simulator will be equipped with flight control monitors, on which the systems will be checked and the countdown to take off will be visible.

The simulator can accommodate 12 people at one time.

There will be three simulators transferring cadets to the space station (first floor)


Rocket flight

After the final countdown, the start will take place, the simulator will make a sharp upward movement with loud engine accompaniment and vibrations of the whole rocket. The journey will take 4 minutes including preparation for the start.

During the flight it will be possible to observe the view through the cockpit windows as well as the image from cameras installed around the rocket. Pilots and navigators will have their hands full. Flight controllers will be at their disposal with prepared action instructions. Every good decision will be rewarded with points collected on watches



After landing and acclimatization, the time will come for the first reconnaissance of the planet on which the space base is located.

The twelve person aircraft will take cadets on a reconnaissance flight. It will also be a great way to check how our Earth looks from a distance.

The flight will last 3 minutes, during which it will be important to familiarize yourself with the topography of the terrain and the characteristic landmarks. All knowledge will be useful to gain more points. After landing, a perception test will take place.


Roller coaster black hole

One of the major challenges will be the mission to explore the black hole. The cadets who join the mission will be subjected to the criterion of height and age. From 120 cm and 7 years old.

Roller coaster is a simulation of sucking in matter through a black hole. In this case, the cadets will feel in the elementary particles absorbed by dark matter.

Our experiment will be a complete success, everyone will manage to get out of the event horizon.


Mission on the planet

One of the biggest attraction is going to the surface of the planet on a special platform.

Everyone will be able to see the surrounding vastness of space. In a special spherical dome, an image from high class laser projectors will be displayed. The cadets will take part in the final mission, which will last about 5 minutes. During the mission, points for general classification will be earned. Points will be counted on watches.


Gift shop

The final stage of the journey will be the SSC gadget and souvenir shop. The robot will be creating and giving the diplomas.

After giving the watch back, the robot congratulates the completion of the mission by listing the participant's name and function advisor of the Space Science Center. In the store you will be able to take commemorative photos in space scenery and send post them on social media


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