Informations <b>for Investors</b>

The subject of the investment (35 mln Euro) is Science and Entertainment Park. construction of 11,000 sq m of usable space up to 17 m high located on a 20 hectare plot.

The complex will include:

  • Preparation space for the mission
  • Cinema 360 - Intorduction to the Solar System 
  • Theory and Fun
  • Overload symulator
  • Space shuttle simulator
  • Rover Area
  • Mars Colony
  • Universe Our Home
  • Near Future
  • Moon Village
  • Space tourism
  • Gastronomic Zone
Informations for Investors
Informations <b>for Investors</b>

Investment highlights

  •  Unique investment opportunity

    Unique investment opportunity

    Rare and unique opportunity to acquire a well performing leisure property, located in the heart of Poland.
  •  Long-term income

    Long-term income

    The demand for family entertainment activities in Poland guaranty long term stable incomes. Exceptional localization ensure number of clients.
  •  Very good location

    Very good location

    Location in the center of Poland close to the largest cities in Poland. Really close to cross of the most important highways in country and highway junction.
  •  Quick and convenient access

    Quick and convenient access

    The property is easily accessible by car and very close to planned to be build one of the biggest airport in Europe.
  •  High quality asset

    High quality asset

    The Property is designed with the high standard, fulfilling fire safety regulations, energy efficient and with cooperation with market leaders.
Key <b>facts</b>

Key facts

  • 38%EBITDA margin
  • € 35mCAPEX budget
  • 22 mthsMaximum CAPEX period
  • 380 kExpected visitors per annum
  • > €6mExpected revenue
  • Land – already in the investment
  • Extension - ready to build next phases
  • Target group – families at age between 4 years and up to 14 years old
Market <b>in Poland</b>

Market in Poland

The Polish economy has been growing non-stop for more than a quarter of a century now. Since joining the European Union in 2004, Poland’s GDP, measured in purchasing power parity, has increased by an average of four percent a year – one of the best performances in the European Union

Fifteen years ago Poland joined the European Union. At that time Poland was one of the least affluent countries in the group: GDP per capita was USD 16,000 in purchasing power parity, the second lowest after Latvia. Unemployment exceeded 19 percent. The average monthly salary was less than PLN 2,300.

The figures for the country’s economic development since then are impressive. Over the last decade and a half, the country has grown around four percent a year on average, more than three times the EU average of 1.2 percent.

Poland is also the only EU country to have experienced growth every year since joining. In fact, Poland’s record of uninterrupted economic growth stretches even further back, to 1992. Poland’s fast, stable growth rate has enabled it to close some of the gap between itself and Western Europe. Between 2004 and 2018 it managed to almost halve the distance between itself and the former EU countries in terms of GDP. Consequently, Polish GDP was 44 percent of the EU average in 2004, compared to 67 percent in 2018.

Source: McKinsey and Company „Poland 2030. A chance to join the economic big league”

Leisure Industry <b>in Poland</b>

Leisure Industry in Poland

The leisure industry is the embodiment of growth. As prosperity increases in Poland, so do the expectations of Poles. To maintain the economic growth it is also urgent to match with people’s expectations regarding the quality of education, healthcare, leisure, and other key topics.

Poles spend on entertainment 75% more than 10 years ago. Only since 2016 it increased by 10% due to the ‘500+ Government Family Support Program’ which provides families with PLN 500 monthly per child. Analyses showed that 39% of the total received ‘government’ subsidies (€ 3.6b) are spent on holidays and entertainment.

The potential of the Polish market and Poles is also noticed by the Merlin Entertainment Group and Disneyland Paris. They included Poland in their promotional campaigns and are pro-actively encouraging Polish visitors to visit their parks. Over the last few years, Poles have been an important group of visitors for Tropical Island near Berlin as well as Druskininkai Water Park in Lithuania.

Major international theme park operators also investigate the Polish market. Six Flags and Parques Reuinidos are actively looking for prime locations while Merlin Entertainment Group unsuccessfully tried to team up with local partner to open their „midway” concepts in Poland.


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